Biotechnology PhD Training Program



   Monthly BTP Journal Club/Research in Progress sessions promote interdisciplinary exchange.  Meetings are held regularly from 12:00 to 1:00 pm on the second Friday of each month  (plus additional sessions in the Spring) through the academic year. Two BTPer's each present for 20 min on their current science (plus 10 min each discussion). The discussion period is an important element.

    Meetings are open to non-BTP graduate students.  Meetings Zoom. For information contact Chris Highley at [BTP Journal Club Director] or Phillis Hynes at [BTP Program Administrator]).

’20 - ’21 Presentations

10.9.20  Mitch Granade, Shayla Clark; Faculty attendee: Kevin Janes, Bryan Berger)

11.13.20 Laryssa Manigat, Jennifer Ortiz-Cardenas (Faculty attendee: Thurl Harris, Rebecca Pompano)

12.11.20 Kristen Fread, Dionne Argyle (Faculty attendee: Eyleen O-Rourke, Brad Gelfand)

1.8.21 Rachel Bour, Erica Hui (Faculty attendee: Don Griffin, Chris Highley)

1.22.21 Andy Heindel, Nick Cornell (Faculty attendee: Thurl Harris, Dave Kashatus)

2.12.21 Xavier Horton, Adrienne Williams (Faculty attendee: Chris Deppmann, Brad Gelfand)

2.26.21 Ivan Basurto, Merci Best (Faculty attendee: Don Griffin, Gordon Laurie)

3.12.21 Vincent Gray, Lillian Dillard (Faculty attendee: Brad Gelfand)

3.26.21 Drew Miller, Ridhi Sahani (Faculty attendee: Bryan Berger)

4.9.21 Madison Mann, Blaise Pfaff (Faculty attendee:)

4.23.21 Elizabeth Herbst, Lee Talman (Faculty attendee: Gordon Laurie, Roseanne Ford)

5.14.21 Jacob Wolpe, Faith Karanja (Faculty attendee: Gordon Laurie)

5.28.21 Tracy Kuper, Greg Grewal (Faculty attendee: Bryan Berger, Chris Highley, Roseanne Ford)

6.11.21 Michael Rariden, Maria Ali (Faculty attendee:)


Data Sharing Through Journal Club/Research in Progress