Biotechnology PhD Training Program



   A key component of the BTP is the 2 - 3 month mandatory externship to be performed during the first or second year of BTP support.  Externships are supported by the BTP, although  in some cases companies may contribute in whole or in part.  A wide range of biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies worldwide have served as hosts.  Venues not acceptable are: national laboratories, academic institutions or research institutes affiliated with universities or medical schools, law firms or consulting companies, health care companies and science policy institutes.  Please refer to the BTP Student Handbook for details. 

    Senior BTP students have organized a Q & A session (first on 1.9.18) to offer advice.  Check out our extensive Externship Opportunities page.  See also the University Alumni Career Assistance Network (UCAN), a directory of UVa alumni and the VABio directory.  Review the university’s international travel policy.


Externship forms and notification
Email Phillis Hynes Regarding Your Externship Choice
BTP Externship Internal Funding Request
UVa Graduate Student Confidentiality Agreement (between host company and UVa)
Trainee Evaluation of Company Externship Training
Company Supervisor Evaluation of Trainee

    Below are past and planned hosting companies (56) and names of BTP students.  The company list continues to grow as BTP students find companies that match their interests.

Chicago, IL
Joanna Adadevoh

Amersham Biosciences (now part of GE Healthcare)
Uppsala, Sweden
Antonio Ubiera

Amgen, Inc.
Seattle, WA
Matthew Stark

AMPEL Biosolutions, LLC.
Charlottesville, VA
Adrienne Williams, Bryan Chun

Mölndal, Sweden
Jason Yang
Tony Awojoodu

Manassas, VA
Daniel Leslie
Annika Hedin

Pasadena, CA
Dan Nelson

Becton Dickinson and Company Diagnostic Systems
Sparks, MD
Lorin (Henrich) Bachmann

Biogen Idec
Boston, MA
Jacob Jordan
Robert Deitcher

Hercules, CA
Ernie Perez Almodovar

San Diego, CA
Kristina Little

Bristol-Myers Squibb
New York, NY
Arch Creasy

Buranda, Australia
Celeste Goh

Denali Therapeutics
South San Francisco, CA
Merci Best
Shayla Clark

Dow Agrosciences
Indianopolis, IN
Matthew Biggs

Editas Medicine
Cambridge, MA
Kristen Fread

Edwards Lifesciences
Irvine, CA
Kellen Chen

Entelos, Inc.
Foster City, CA
Rooshin Dalal

San Francisco, CA
Michael Smith
Matthew Stark
Aaron Bailey

Geosyntec Consultants
Columbia, MD
Meng Wang

GID Group
Mallorca, Spain
Tom Mendel

Glaxo Smith Kline
Matthew Oberhardt

Charlottesville, VA
Greg Faust
Kris Rawls

Human Genome Sciences
Rockville, MD
Eric Park

Indoor Biotechnology
Charlottesville, VA
Maria Ali

Institute for Genomic Research (now part of J. Craig Venter Institute)
Rockville, MD
Michael Smoot

Virginia Beach, VA
Scott Seaman

Charlottesville, VA
Jacob Wolpe

Luna Innovations
Charlottesville, VA
Caren Petrie
Paul Bonthuis
Bruce Corliss

Medlmmune Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD
Jace Fogle
Sarah Johnson
Nicole Swope
Lee Talman

Merck & Co. Inc.
Elkton, VA
Tom Gervais
Lauren Russell
Erica Hui

Merck Research Labs
West Point, PA
Tara Tibbs

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
Boston, MA
Millie Shah

Charlottesville, VA
Jennifer Ortiz

Helsinki, Finland
Kaity Allen

Vallejo, CA
Faith Karanja

Nabi Biopharmaceuticals
Rockville, MD
Michael Stadnisky

New England Biolabs
Ipswich MA
Jaymes Beech

Notable Labs
San Francisco, CA
Laryssa Manigat

Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research
Cambridge, MA
Alex Baras
Erwin Gianchandani

Orchid Cellmark
Germantown, MD
Katie Horsman

Pfizer Inc. Antibody Discovery Group
Cambridge, MA
Mitchell Granade

Pfizer Inc. Global Biologics
St. Louis, MO
Tim Pabst

Phillips Research Europe
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Brian Schmidt
Joseph Kilroy

Protein Solutions Inc. (now apparently part of Wyatt Technology Corp, Santa Barbara CA)
Charlottesville, VA (former)
Larry Lanning

Tarrytown, NY
Alexander Keller

Surrey, England
Rosiland Mott

Sapphire Energy
San Diego, CA
Phillip Yen

Seres Therapeutics
Cambridge, MA
Mahmoud Saleh

Siemens Healthcare
Mountain View, CA
Elizabeth Herbst

Cambridge, MA
Rebekah Neal

Tracon Pharmaceuticals
San Diego, CA
Alexandra Harris

Tissue Genesis, Inc.
Honolulu, HI
Michelle Kofron
Emily Cushnie
Alex Bailey

Berlin, Germany
Glen Hirsh

Colworth, UK
Anna Blazier

UVa Patent Foundation
Charlottesville, VA
Patrick Martin
Samantha Clark
This is no longer a training option, as per NIH oversight (exception for S. Clark, as per NSF funding regulations).

Bedford Park, South Australia
Stacey Gorski
Kelly Drews