Biotechnology PhD Training Program



   We offer a welcoming, diverse and stimulating environment.  All trainees assume a leadership role, including organization of our community service event, seminars, newsletters and Symposia.  Our ’11 Symposium included Eric Betzig, who shared the ’14 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

In ’16, BTPer Kris Rawls was elected Vice-Chair of the National Society of Black Engineers.

In ’18, BTPer Maria Ali co-chaired the 2nd Annual Diversifying Scholarship Conference


    Underrepresented minority graduates of the BTP are enjoying a broad spectrum of careers:

  1. Academic: Interim Associate Dean, College of Sciences   

  2. and Technology, North Carolina A&T

   State University

• Directors: Amgen, GlaxoSmithKline

• Engineer: Intel Corp

• Managers:  Evonik Industries, Illumina, McKinsey

  1. Medicine: Urology

    A core group returns to meet and network with current trainees.

Keisha John, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, College of Arts and Sciences)
The Mentoring Institute (BTP faculty: Andreas Gahlmann, Brad Gelfand and Gordon Laurie are mentors)
UVa Diversity and Equity
UVa’s Center for Diversity in Engineering
UVa’s Office for Diversity at the School of Medicine
Virginia/North Carolina Alliance for Minority Participation
Bridge to Doctorate programs
National Research Mentoring Network


Resources for Underrepresented Minorities